4pk–8″–ASSORTMENT PACK — (1) 20t (1) 56t (1) 80t (1) 32t — RENEGADE BLADE® – 203mm – $60.00

4pk–8″–ASSORTMENT PACK — (1) 20t (1) 56t (1) 80t (1) 32t — RENEGADE BLADE® – 203mm

4pk–8″– ASSORTMENT PACK — (1) 20 teeth “HAWK” (blue), (1) 56 teeth “RAZOR” (red), (1) 80 teeth STD. MULTI-USE, (1) 32 teeth STD. BRUSH & BRAMBLES — RENEGADE BLADE® – Carbide Brush Cutter weed eater Blades – 203mm diameter

UNIVERSAL FIT — each blade comes with a “REDUCER WASHER” allowing blades to fit either 1″ (25.4mm) or 20mm Arbor Hole sizing with your “Blade Hardware”. BLADE HARDWARE: A Blade will not fit onto the Trimmer Axle Shaft by itself like the String Line Dispenser Spool will. So you must acquire “Blade Hardware” that consists typically of two small mounting discs; one has a raised circle on it that the blade hole fits onto, the 2nd small disc is the cap disc, Sorry, we DO NOT supply blade hardware.

CARBIDE — is estimated to last 10x longer than plain steel but does not cost 10x more creating incredible value. The CARBIDE MIX in our teeth is proprietary and 2nd to none. Just Tungsten is not enough; additives like: Hafnium, Tantalum, Titanium, Molybdenum, Silicone, Zirconium, Boron, Niobium, Chromium, & Vanadium, make for a better Carbide Mix for longer lasting teeth. RENEGADE BLADE® is the ONLY Carbide Brush Blade BRAND on Amazon that has a {REPORT} from the foremost Testing Laboratory-UL

We Offer {FOUR-specialty} type Carbide BRUSH BLADES: …. ALL {4} are Offered in this posting [2] HYBRID & [2] STANDARD Blades

We offer (1) Std. Multi-use, (2) Std. Brush & Brambles, (3) Hybrid Brush only, (4) Hybrid Combo Blade