Article 3 — 32, 36, & 40 teeth blades versus 80, 100, & 120 teeth blades

Comparing BRUSH ONLY (32, 36, & 40 teeth) blades VERSUS (80, 100, & 120 teeth) MULTI-USE blades:

We Offer TWO SPECIALTY type Brush Blades:

(1)— MULTI-USE BLADES: Our 80, 100 & 120 teeth blades are handy for ANY job such as: Pruning, Hedging, large Limb cutting as well as for Brush & Brambles. MORE teeth means more aggregate cutting surface (more carbide) and therefore less seizing in limbs and less tearing and ripping when hedging (best at high rpm’s)……

(2)— BRUSH & BRAMBLES: Our 32, 36 & 40 teeth blades are more tailored for Brush & Brambles due to deeper teeth cavities. LESS teeth are required to create deeper wider teeth cavities, that can grab & cut more brush material per blade spin (best at alternating rpm’s).
NOTE: Both blade types will cut all garden material but tend to be a tad better within their respective SPECIALTY.