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1 Blade 8″-20t — Renegade “HAWK” / HYBRID — Brush Specialty — RENEGADE BLADE® — 203mm

HAWK “HYBRID” (blue color) – 20 teeth blades tailored for Brush Only &/or some Brambles work. This HYBRID blade {design} has Carbide teeth that are larger in aggregate SIZE (wider and taller teeth) and more reinforcing behind each tooth than any Carbide teeth we offer. You’ll note that this blade comes with a jagged leadingnbsp;… [View Details]

1 Blade 8″-56t — RENEGADE “RAZOR” / HYBRID — COMBO Specialty — RENEGADE BLADE® — 203mm

GST-RAZOR “HYBRID” (red color): Our 56, 68 & 80 teeth blades are handy for most jobs such as: Pruning, smaller Limb cutting as well as for Brush & Brambles. This HYBRID is a unique COMBO blade design. It comes with a unique blend of medium teeth count coupled with “sharpened” U-Cavities for brush work. Thisnbsp;… [View Details]