Product Description



ATTACHES TO:   Garden String Trimmer — Brush Cutter — Weed Whacker — Pruner

VARIOUS USES:   Brush removal, Brambles removal, non-tearing smooth Hedging, Tree Trimming & Branch Pruning up to 8″+ diameter limbs, general landscaping and gardening, etc.


We offer two blade sizes:

8″ Blade with 80 teeth (203mm)
9″ Blade with 100 teeth (230mm)

10″ Blade with 120 teeth (254mm)


Both of our blades will fit any Garden Trimmer – Brush Cutter – Weed Whacker that takes a 1″, 25.4mm or 20mm arbor (20mm fits with our included reducer washer). Our blades are built for any RPM even super high RPM Trimmers exceeding 10,000 rpm. Manufactured with a more flexible steel as compared to the much more brittle steel found with table saw blades (table saw blades can shatter if they hit an obstacle, plus they are only built for approx. 3,450 rpm so they should never be used with Gasoline powered Garden Trimmers). The carbide tips are welded-brazed on and will not come off.

NOTE:   sorry, but we have NO answers regarding your particular Trimmer/Brush cutter. It is up to you alone to determine whether:

(1) a Blade can even be attached to your Garden Trimmer.

(2) what blade hardware is available for your particular Garden Trimmer such as: fittings, blade guards, or attachments.

(3) The arbor size it takes.


25.4mm = 1″……but also 20mm with reducer washer (included!).


254mm = 10″ ,  230mm = 9″ ,  203mm = 8″…. Our blades can cut tree limbs the full diameter of the blade as long as you cut the limb from both sides. Example: So our 9″ blade can cut into the tree limb 4.5″ (radius), so simply cut 4.5″ from each side of the tree limb to allow a full 9″ to be cut clean through.


Our Teeth are:    Alter Top Bevel Design

Note about teeth: the more teeth the smoother the cut and less prone to seizing in a tree limb, which is important when wielding a blade at the end of semi-flexible Trimmer shaft. More teeth creates more aggregate cutting surfaces for longer lasting durability. The more teeth the better for trimming hedges, since less teeth make a more ugly jagged-tearing-ripping cut. More teeth works better with brambles like black berry bushes because the stocks don’t get tugged and ripped out of the ground, they get cut instead. The more Carbide teeth a blade has, the more time and money it takes to make it. You will find a distinct smoother feel with our 80 tooth or 100 tooth blade over the standard 40 tooth Steel or Carbide blades you find for most Trimmers. When comparing blades, always look at the total number of “Carbide Teeth” in order to calculate the total aggregate “Carbide Cutting Surface”. So that when you then shop and compare, you will discover that we offer MORE CARBIDE for the DOLLAR on our blades than our competition.


Note about Our Blade Sizes and longevity: We estimate that our 9″ blade will last approx 10-15% longer than our 8″ blade due to having more aggregate cutting surface with 100 teeth over 80 teeth. But our 8″ will fit with your blade guard on. So if safety is more your concern then our 8″ blade is better for you; but keep in mind that when a blade guard is on, only a small segment of the blade will be cutting (approx 45% that is exposed through the blade guard). On the other hand, Professional Gardeners normally want the whole blade cutting through brush, tree limbs or when hedging rows of hedges and don’t use a blade guard anyway, so the 9″ is a better value for them. Keep in mind that our 8″ blade will outlast any other carbide blade with less than 80 teeth; most competing sellers of brush cutter trimmer blades sell either a 3 tooth steel blade or 40 teeth steel or carbide blade. So we offer over double the aggregate cutting surface as compared to our competitors best blade.


Primarily Carbide cutting blades are made with Tungsten or Titanium but can have other super strong alloys mixed in such as: Hafnium, Vanadium, Niobium, Tantalum, Chromium, Molybdenum, Cobalt and others. Carbide is reputed to be one of the hardest-strongest most durable alloys known to man.



Partial List of Garden String Trimmers that utilize our Carbide Brush Cutter Blades:

Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna, Ryobi, Tanaka, Poulan, MTD, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, Hitachi, Toro, Makita, John Deere, Weed Eater, RedMax, Shindaiwa, Black & Decker Gas, Kawasaki, Honda, Mountfield, Homelite, Maruyama,