The customer agrees when buying our blades that they are solely responsible for any and all safety aspects when using such a product.  Safety Aspects include but are not limited to:  (1) the secure attachment of a blade to proper blade hardware on a garden trimmer – weed whacker, (2) whether to use or not to use a blade guard, (3) wearing eye and ear protection, (4) staying clear of bystanders, and (5) keeping such blades and tools away from children & pets, etc.  By clicking to purchase our blades on this our any of our websites, you agree to hold B & G International, LLC, Renegade Blade®,  Renegade Blade Wholesale, Renegade Blade Retail, Carbide Brush Cutter Blades, renegadebladeretail.com,  carbidebrushcutterblades.com, renegadebladewholesale.com, and any principals involved with these companies, completely harmless from any and all liability. 

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