Warranty / Returns



Before Use-

We Warrant our Blades to be free from defect and in top professional working order when you receive them from us.  Should you find any material defect BEFORE USE, We will gladly replace the defective Blade free of charge.   We reserve the option of (1) requiring a jpeg picture showing the defective aspects, or (2) having the defective blade shipped back to us for inspection.  Return shipping shall be borne by the buyer..

After Use-

Should you find any problem AFTER USE (that is NOT related to normal typical wear and tear), you may return the defective Blade for a free replacement with the same options mentioned above (jpeg or ship back for inspection).   Should you wish to return a blade, we ask that you please first email us to confirm our acceptance of the RETURN.  Buyer is responsible for return shipping and we are responsible for the replacement blade shipping.

CONTACT Email:   carbidebrushcutterblades@gmail.com


Warmest Regards,